Facing Life's Challenges is a ministry where God is using Drs. Ray and Sherrill Fulayter to teach Christians biblical truths which enable them to face the challenges put before them in modern day life situations.  In their seminars, pastors, missionaries, teachers, Sunday School teachers, and other Christian workers learn how to be used of God to teach other Christians one-on-one the biblical truths which will enable them to make permanent godly changes in their lives.  These same truths help the workers themselves to grow in the Lord.


The Fulayters have taught in Bible Colleges for over forty years.   They have extensive training and experience in biblical counseling.  They are certified with the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.  Together they have in excess of seven-thousand hours of counseling.  God uses the counseling to strengthen believers, win the lost, and build the local church.


The Fulayters hold seminars in local churches for the purpose of strengthening the workers to carry out the Great Commission of teaching believers to observe all things which God has given as instruction to keep His people in fellowship and service for Him in the midst of a wicked and perverse age.


Topics covered in the sessions include choices from the following:   

<        Biblical Truths of Communication 

<        Overcoming Depression God's Way,  

<        How to Produce Permanent Change, 

<        Perfectionism,  

<        Self-Esteem, the Devil's Workshop,  

<        Self-Worth

<        Self-Image

<        How to Be Angry and Sin Not,    

<        Biblically Facing the Past,  

<        The Sufficiency of Christ for the Christian's life,  

<        God's Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility in Life's Crises,  

<        The Sufficiency of the Scriptures in Meeting Needs,  

<        Overcoming Life-Dominating Sins,  

<        The Man's Leadership in the Home,

<        Reverencing Your Husband, ,  

<        Holding a Family Biblical Conference Table

<        How to Overcome Anxiety and Worry

<        Other Oriented Living

<        Facing Conflicts God’s Way

<        Overcoming Fear

<        Sound Words

<        Forgiveness

<        Submission

<        Bitterness

<        The Christian's Walk

<        Psychological or Biblical Terms

<        Are You a Bully or a Leader?

<        Guilt

<        Biblical Liberty

<        Issues of the Heart

<        Idols of the Heart

<        Biblical Friendships

<        Will of God

<        Goals of Biblical Parenting

<        ADHD and ADD

<        Helping Children With Learning Difficulties

<        Misconceptions Regarding Leadership

<        The Husband's Role

<        The Wife's Role

<        Misconceptions Regarding Submission

<        Spousal Abuse

<        Resolving Marital Conflicts

<        Rebuilding a Marriage

<        Overcoming Pornography

<        Accepting the Challenges Life Brings


Attendance to these seminars can be used as requirements for updating qualifications for biblical counseling.  Participating attendance should enable a Christian to become more equipped to minister the Word of God effectively to Christians who are failing to meet the challenges faced in our age.


Drs. Ray D. and Sherrill L. Fulayter are available for Facing Life’s Challenges Seminars.  Both are Certified Counselors with the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (nanc.org).  Drs. Fulayter lead the Hampton Roads Biblical Counseling Center which has as one of it’s goals further the education of Christian leaders to enable them to effectively counsel from the Word of God themselves.  They also do extensive counseling of individuals as God sends them to their ministries.

Dr. Ray D. Fulayter is Dean of Students and a professor at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.  Dr. Sherrill Fulayter is a professor at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College.

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